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In four years I’ve progressed from Sales and Content Coordinator, to Marketing Manager, to Business Director. This is also while I worked as Co-Director of RTX Sydney and as the Sales Lead on RTX London.

After graduating university with a BA in Games Design I was immediately asked to come back and teach User Experience Design. This was while I worked retail at Gametraders and part time at Taigha Studios, a small games startup as a 3D artist and animator.

I’m a very personally driven over-achiever. I bring a high quality of work and professionalism to everything I do while maintaining an incredibly creative output. I’m always looking for the next big challenge. I’m quite flexible and can think both laterally, by planning with the big picture, and linearly, to see how that plan is executed by my team and I. This has naturally lead my career in marketing, events and business development.

I’m a passionate and charismatic individual with enough drive and intuition to do a lot of stuff. So that’s the plan.

My goal in life is to one day have a beer with some mates on the moon.

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Current Positions

Producer & Designer at Chunk Works

Business Director at Hanabee

Co-Director of RTX Sydney

Host of ClickySticks

Lead Sales at RTX London


Public Speaking

Game Creators with Hideo Kojima

Sunshine Game Jam Mentor 2016

RTX Australia RWBY Panel 2016

Hanabee LIVE Panels 2013 – 2016

Hanabee Podcast 2016

Work in Beta – BetaCast 2014

Swinburne Tutor for User Experience Design 2014

Animating the Rooster Teeth Way 2013

SPMP YouTube Channel 2013



RTX Sydney Announcement Campaign 2015

PAX Australia 2014 Trailer

Hanabee VOD Advertisement 2014

What is Hanabee Trailer 2014

Monday Night Richochet Opening 2013

CCN – Truth Behind Easter 2012



GGJ 2014: Casey’s Shadow

Clone Runner Android Game 2013

Old Pirate 3D Character 2012

Toof Boy 3D Character 2012

Victorian Gold Rush Diorama 2011

Playmates 3D Environment 2011

Advanced Technologies Center Virtual Tour 2011

The Scrab 3D Character 2010

Ode to the Odd 2009

Say What’s Up

I’ll totally say what’s up back.