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Hey there.

My career is long, complicated, and weird. All revolving around the world of games… So to work my way back:

  • In January 2019 I was named one of Develop Pacific’s 30 under 30 for my work in and around games for the past 10 years.
  • Since December 2018 I’ve been a Development Director (Producer) at Frostbite Melbourne. We work out of Firemonkeys, an EA Studio.
  • In 2018 I spent six months in Sydney as the Head of Deployment and Marketing at 3RD SENSE.
  • In 2017 I combined my knowledge of games, business, and content development to co-create Chunk Works. Kris Cernji and I created Dolan Kart, a casual mobile game for the popular YouTube channel Planet Dolan. While at Chunk Works I learned about games production, game design, and business management.
  • Before that I used to work with the folks at Rooster Teeth as co-director of RTX Sydney, and as Lead Sales on RTX London. In 2017 we invited Hideo Kojima to our event – meeting him was a highlight of my career, let alone having dinner with him and interviewing him at a panel about his career.
  • This was while I was Business Director at Hanabee. While there I learned a lot about business, marketing, content development, relationships, and project management.
  • I started out as a 3D Artist and Animator working on the odd indie game and countless personal projects. I made the Dean’s List when I graduated from Swinburne with a BA in Games and ended up teaching a couple classes of User Experience Design. I learned a huge amount of games design, UI/UX, and art pipeline development.
  • I left my home town of Perth in 2001 telling my family I was going to take over the world.

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