Hi. I’m Cameron Rooney. Here’s what I’ve done so far.

I grew up in Perth and wanted to do something more. I studied Multimedia Design in Curtin for two years before dropping out thinking “damn I don’t want to make websites for my whole life.” So I moved to Melbourne in 2010 to study. In 2012 graduated with a BA in Games and Interactivity with an Advanced 3D Minor from Swinburne University.

After graduating university with a BA in Games Design in 2012 I was immediately asked to come back and teach User Experience Design. This was while I worked retail at Gametraders and part time at Taigha Studios, a small games startup as a 3D artist and animator. We eventually created Clone Runner which was released, barely finished, on Android in 2013.

While I graduated I was given the opportunity to create a trailer for PAX Australia. This was an opportunity by Creative Australia, Film Victoria and PAX to give students an opportunity to create the best trailer. I worked with Theodore Argyrakakis and we won. From the opportunity I met the folks at Rooster Teeth and Hanabee.

In my four years at Hanabee I progressed from Sales and Content Development, to Marketing Manager, to Business Director. This also included my responsibilities as Co-Director of RTX Sydney since 2014. And in 2017 I lead sales on the premiere RTX London event.

In 2014 my career really kicked off when Hanabee hired me. The next five years gave me a wealth of experience in the games industry doing marketing, sales and business development, community management and events management. It was multi-disciplinary. Hanabee was a small company with ambitious goals.

I’m an incredibly creative and driven person. I can think both laterally, by planning the big picture, and linearly, to see how that plan is executed by my team and I. I love working on projects big and small. This has all naturally lead me to a career in business development.

This was all while I was working on my own content creation. In 2017 using the experience from creating the trailer for PAX Aus I worked with friends of mine to create ClickySticks. A comedy based content development troupe focussing on community development and improvisational comedy. We stream twice a week and host a podcast called GIRL Talk.

In 2017 I worked with Kris Cernjavic to create Chunk Works, a game development company that works with brands. I worked in Business Development, presenting opportunities, as well as doing game design, user experience design and interface design. We released Dolan Kart in 2018, working with the folks at Planet Dolan, one of Australia’s biggest YouTube Channels, and in just a few months we saw over 100,000 downloads.

Most recently I became the Head of Marketing at 3RD Sense, a Digital Product company that has been creating games and apps for over 16 years. Based in Sydney we’ve made a huge range of games including serious games, promotional apps and educational software.

I have experience in 3d art, animation, rigging, texturing, and rendering thanks to my time at Taigha Studios, and my degree in games design. After Hanabee I have experience in marketing, sales, business development. After RTX I have experience in community management, events management and international sales. I have experience in content creation, videography, and live streaming thanks to ClickySticks. I have experience in business management, game design and UI/UX from my work at Chunk Works… It’s a lot.

I’m a charismatic individual with enough drive and passion to do a lot. So that’s the plan.

The end goal is to have beers on the moon with some mates. Look back at earth and think “I gave it a go.”

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